Cable Cuff Cremation Bracelet in 14K White Gold

14k White Gold Cable Cuff Bracelet pictured from the front with a white background
14k White Gold Cable Cuff Bracelet pictured from the side, designed by close by me jewelry
14k White Gold Cable Cuff Bracelet showing the back of the bracelet with a white background
14k Rose Gold Cable Cuff cremation bracelet pictured on the wrist of a model, close up
14k Rose Gold Cable Cuff Cremation bracelet with ashes, shown on a model holding a cup
14k White Gold cable cuff cremation bracelet shown up close and at an angle with a model's hands
14k White gold cable cuff cremation bracelet with solidified ashes shown on the wrist of a model with a white top
14k Rose Gold Cable Cuff Bracelet on model in blue shirt with other ashes bracelet

Cable Cuff Cremation Bracelet in 14K White Gold


For the utmost discretion after experiencing loss, this 14k white gold cuff bracelet delicately encapsulates the ashes of your departed beloved at each end. Let the twisted threads of this design be a reminder that you and those you love are inextricable linked - your connection can never truly be severed. 

Dimensions & Details:
Settings: 5mm
Bracelet Thickness: 4mm

All dimensions are approximate and may vary slightly with every casting.

This bracelet is intended for a 7.5" or smaller wrist, but it can be adjusted to fit a variety of wrist sizes. Please reach out for further questions related to sizing and fit.

This piece can accommodate up to three characters of engraving on each of its cap settings, including simple symbols. Examples of the font options available for engraving can be seen here. If you have any engraving-related questions, please submit your inquiry in the contact form below or send us an email.

Please Note:

  • Designed to fit loosely, this bracelet does not feature a traditional clasp but can be squeezed gently for extra snugness when you need it most. Please be gentle when bending this bracelet open and closed to ensure its longevity. 

  • This piece has an increased wait as each side must be set individually.

  • This bracelet can be made with two sets of ashes set separately on either side, which may produce differently colored settings but this is not guaranteed. No color is added to the ashes during the setting process to create a specific color or hue. If this bracelet is made with only one set of ashes, the same color will be produced across both of the settings. Our Multi-Setting Collection lists all of the pieces that can accommodate separately set ashes.

This bracelet was designed for our cable collection, which also features a ring and three pendants of differing sizes: small | medium | large. These pieces are carried in 14k white gold and other metals on our website.

Each piece is set in our office, located in Southern California. Only a very small amount of ashes is used in the setting process; the exact amount needed depends on the size and depth of the piece's setting, but for simplicity's sake, a tablespoon of ashes will suffice for most orders. The setting process solidifies the ashes and brings out their natural color, which may differ from those in the piece photographed. Within 1 business day of placing your order, you will receive a detailed order confirmation with information and instructions relevant to your unique order.

For more information about our cremation jewelry and the order process, please visit our FAQ page, or reach out to us at

Thank you for your interest in our ashes jewelry!
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