Close-up, front view of Close By Me's Circle Necklace with Birth Flower (Peony) Engraving in Sterling Silver, set against a solid white background.

Engraved Memorial Jewelry

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    Cremation is not always the option that families choose when faced with the hard decisions that come with a significant loss. At close by me jewelry, we know that any and every way that we can use to keep our loved one’s presence near is important and should be preserved. That is why we offer our line of engraved memorial jewelry to represent your loved one after they cannot do so themselves.

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    Why Engrave Your Memorial Jewelry

    With Close By Me Jewelry’s personalized memorial engraving, you’ll be able to keep a remembrance that bears the mark of your loved one. Using a precise machine and editing process, my technician creates an exact replica of your loved one’s handwriting, handprint, fingerprint, or pawprint. When you wear engraved memorial jewelry, you’ll feel as if your loved one has left a part of themselves with you - an etching or stamp on your heart that can never be wiped away.

    Types of Engraved Memorial Jewelry

    Whether you’re looking for a necklace that bears the mark of your pet’s paws or a tie clip that’s imprinted with a family member’s signature, you’re sure to find the perfect piece to pay tribute to those you hold dear to your heart. Our engraved memorial jewelry comes in a variety of metal options, including .925 Sterling Silver and 14/20-Gold-Filled.

    Handwriting Engraving

    With handwriting engraving, you can capture your loved one’s signature or a sweet message they always wrote to you and forever hold it close. My clients have chosen a variety of things, from kind messages written on cards to signatures on official documents - some have even shared secret messages or modes of communicating with their loved one for this purpose.

    Paw/Nose Print Engraving

    With paw or nose print engraving, you can immortalize your furry loved one’s paw or nose print and honor the companion that always was, and always will be, by your side. Ink paw and nose prints can be beautifully and accurately depicted on a variety of metals, showing all of the subtleties and lines that make up your sweet one’s sweet feet.

    Hand/Foot/Fingerprint Engraving

    Imagine pressing your hand into the sand and that handprint never washing away with the tide - this is the type of lasting impression that Close By Me Jewelry’s handprint engraving can offer. Each line and crease of your loved one’s palm, and the texture of their unique fingerprints, pressed against the skin of your chest and embedded in metal forever. Never leave without the comforting weight of your loved one’s hand again with one of these pendants.

    12 products
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