Engraving can be added to most single sided pendants and rings and single bangle bracelets. If you have any questions regarding if a piece can be engraved please message or call me.

Please leave your choice of font, either block or script, and the phrase you would like engraved (up to a maximum of 12 characters, including spaces) on each piece in the text input below. As this engraving is outsourced, it does add up to a week to the wait time of each order. Please see your individual piece selection for the length and type of engraving that is available.

Please note: Engraving is clearest when block font is chosen. Block font is also recommended for initials and numbers and engravings of this type may be completed in block for clarity even if Script is ordered.  There can be some variations on the fonts, but Times New Roman and Italiano are the two that are used most often.