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Gina M.

Owner, Founder, Artist

Gina Murphy founded Close by Me Jewelry in 2013. Having lost her mother at age 17 and father at age 25, she knows the importance of cherishing the memories of your loved ones who are no longer physically with you. As a single mom of three boys, when she isn’t working she loves spending as much time as she can with them and her two pets. Although her background is in social work and teaching, the moment she stumbled upon this idea she felt as though it were “a calling.” Since the inception of Close by Me, she has never wanted to do anything else.

Gina S.

Jewelry Designer, Social Media Manager

Gina is the in-house jewelry designer and social media manager at Close by Me Jewelry. She was inspired at a young age by her Oma, who always wore bold statement jewelry. This eventually led to a full-fledged career in jewelry design. She studied design at GIA Carlsbad where she received her certification in Jewelry Design and Technology. She looks at jewelry as a way of enhancing your natural beauty and confidence without altering your appearance.

Brit C.

Head of Customer Care Team, Website Curator

Brit is the head of customer service for Close by Me Jewelry. She began working for the team in 2017 when she was one of only three employees. Her main focus is to serve the clients who honor us with their trust. The degree in English she earned from CSUF in 2018 informs her approach to each and every client interaction as the focus of her studies was perspective, empathy, and humanity. If she isn’t in the office, Brit can be found near any body of water, reading in a shady spot, or adventuring with her pup, Waffle.

Allison M.

Customer Care Team, Operations

Allison joined Close By Me in 2021. She is the “jack-of-all-trades” in the office; while she primarily assists in customer service and administrative tasks, she assists wherever help is needed, taking on new roles as necessary. She attended the University of California San Diego, where she fell in love with and majored in Cognitive & Behavioral Neuroscience. She stays grounded through meditation, yoga, and reading Chekhov.

Isabel W.

Artists Assistant, Customer Care Team

Isabel is apprenticing under Gina Murphy, helping to create jewelry and assisting with customer service. Additionally, she is the artist at Eternal Hues, where she combines ashes with paint. She is currently a student, where her area of study is philosophy. Philosophy is one of Isabel’s many passions, she enjoys reading, creating art, adventuring, and above all else: her dog Gnocchi.

Subtle Cremation Jewelry Offering a Unique Remembrance.

Our Story

Close by me jewelry is a unique, non-traditional, and beautiful way to remember the essence of a departed loved one. Whether you have lost a family member, friend or pet, designer Gina Murphy utilizes ashes (cremated remains) set in sterling silver and 14K gold to create an elegant keepsake that will last forever.

Our designs are hand-crafted pieces of art, that can be worn as charms, a necklace, ring, earrings or cufflinks. Through a patented process, a teaspoon of ashes is mixed with a clear substance to solidify them and then molded into the chosen style of jewelry. After three to four days, the end result is a glass-like or stone-like appearance. Since all ashes are different, the color and appearance will be unique to each piece.

Gina founded Close by me jewelry in 2013. However, the idea was formed long before that. Always cherishing the heartfelt moments in life, Gina found a way to preserve the precious gifts of sea shells her sons collected by making them into wearable pieces of art. This evolved into bringing home sand from special beaches to transform into art.

Having lost her mother at age 17 and father at age 25, Gina had a friend’s situation sparked a rather unconventional idea. She understood her friend’s desire to keep her departed grandmother’s ashes with her at all times. But how, without being obvious what she was carrying? And what would prevent them from flying away? Murphy discovered a way to solidify cremated remains and make them into a wearable pieces of art. Close by me jewelry was born! While longing for something similar of her parents, but it being too late, Gina created a business where others could have a memorable piece of their loved ones to cherish.

The word has spread and clients have come from as far as Eastern Europe. Gina’s creation sits in a different space than traditional cremation jewelry. Close by me pieces are the FIRST and ONLY of its kind. While other designers mix ashes with silver or combine them with color to create blown glass, Gina’s process brings out the color in the ashes. The process used in Murphy’s method gives the ashes a 'wet' appearance. Most all ashes range anywhere from a light beige to a dark gray, and can in some cases can appear black.

Choose to wear your keepsake daily or just on special occasions. Close by me jewelry makes an excellent gift for anyone who has suffered the loss of someone. It’s ideal for families who may want to share a tangible memory of their family member.

Close by me jewelry pieces are personally made and take approximately three to six weeks for delivery.