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    With a cremation bracelet, you can keep a piece of your loved one with you every day. Our cremation bracelets are handcrafted with the utmost care to create a lasting keepsake and feature many different options for wear.

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    What Are Cremation Bracelets?

    Our cremation bracelets are created using a patented process that solidifies your loved one’s cremains and bonds them directly to your chosen jewelry in a charm that is then attached to the main body of your bracelet. In most cases, these bracelets will have free-swinging or dangling elements, but this is not the case with all of our cremation bracelet designs.

    Common Types of Cremation Bracelets

    We offer a wide array of cremation bracelets, as it is important to us that you find something that not only aligns with your personal style but also represents your loved one and the connection you shared. Whatever way you choose to memorialize your loved one, keep them close to your pulse with this option.

    Bangle Style

    Originating as far back as 2600 B.C., the bangle is an inflexible and loose-fitting bracelet. Our bangle bracelets can be adorned with one or more cremation charms that hold your loved one’s ashes, transforming it into a sentimental cremation bracelet. This style will jingle and shake as you move and walk, evoking joyous memories with your loved ones.

    Link/Chain Bracelets

    Our chain and chain link cremation bracelets can be constructed to the size of your choosing and offer a variety of styles of wear as well. From large and chunky links to small and delicate, our chain bracelets can fit into any special occasion or be worn daily.

    Cuff Style

    Admired by the ancient Egyptian and Mayan civilizations, the cuff bracelet is both elegant and versatile. Many cuff-style bracelets will offer two settings as well, so these are perfect options for those seeking to honor multiple connections or to achieve balance in their jewelry.

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