At close by me, we create unique remembrances of loved ones who have passed through our cremation jewelry. Here is how our process works:

  1. Choose a piece of jewelry in our shop.

  2. If you have selected a ring and have not been sized by a jeweler, please select that you are unsure of your ring size. This will ensure we do not order or start your piece until you have confirmed your ring size either by visiting a jeweler (recommended) or by using the plastic ring sizer provided in the kit, should you choose to receive one (see Step 3 below).

  3. Select "Yes" if you would like us to send you a kit, or keep it at the default "No" if you would prefer to package and ship the ashes with your own materials and the shipping method of your choice.

    The kit is an optional method (available to U.S. clients only) for sending your loved one's ashes to us. It includes a small metal screw-top container for the ashes, a plastic ring sizer, an information card for you to fill out (if you wish), and a prepaid padded envelope to return everything via USPS 1-2 Day Priority Mail Express. If you do not purchase a kit, instructions and guidelines for sending your loved one's ashes to us without one will be provided in your detailed order confirmation.

    By default, the kit includes one tin, which can hold enough ashes to set up to 10 pieces with, so you do not need to order multiple kits or request multiple tins if you are ordering multiple pieces of jewelry. If you are choosing to honor more than one loved one in your jewelry and do not want their ashes combined, you have the option of selecting to receive more than one tin in your kit. The number of tins should correspond to how many sets of ashes (i.e., loved ones) you will be sending.

  4. Shortly after placing your order, you should receive an automated confirmation from our website letting you know your order was successfully submitted and providing you with your unique order number (take note of this!). After this, within one business day, you will receive a detailed order confirmation sent directly from us that explains the remaining steps of the process.


Our most frequently asked questions appear below. If you have a question we haven't covered here, please reach out to us at to ask!

Before You Order...

There is no color added to the ashes during the setting process; the setting of your piece will reflect the hues naturally present in your loved one's ashes.

For the setting, I take the ashes and combine them with a clear, high-grade jewelry resin that brings out their natural color and solidifies them. The finished setting resembles glass or stone and is permanently bonded to the piece of jewelry. Settings tend to range in color from light beige to a dark grey (which can occasionally appear black) but throughout time I have come across various hues such as brown, pink, green, and burgundy, although these are extremely rare. If you notice a lot of black flecks in the ashes, they will most likely be very dark when they are set; likewise, if you see a lot of larger, lighter pieces, these tend to lighten the setting.

No! We are happy to honor loved ones of all shapes, sizes, and species. :)

In addition to or instead of ashes, our pieces can be set with sand, soil, dried flower petals, and powdered breastmilk. We can also accept hair or fur, and even small scraps of cloth for setting in our pieces. Please note, however, that setting with anything other than ashes will often result in a very different-looking setting than what you see on our website listings. If you would like a piece set with a material not listed here, please contact us to discuss.


The ashes of multiple loved ones can be mixed together to create one setting of a uniform color. Alternatively, multiple sets of ashes can be set "side-by-side" in the same setting, meaning they would be set separately except for where they conjoin. If the ashes are drastically different in color, this can create a striking contrast effect; if they are very similar in color, however, the effect is much more subtle.

If you order a piece from our Multi-Setting Collection, each loved one can have their own setting. If the number of settings doesn't match how many loved ones you want to memorialize (for example, if you have two loved ones but want to get a piece with three settings), we can always set your loved ones separately in their own settings and then combine them in the additional setting(s), either by mixing the ashes or setting them side-by-side, as mentioned above.

Only a very small amount of ashes is used in the setting process. The exact amount needed depends on the size and depth of the piece's setting, but for simplicity's sake, we ask that a tablespoon of ashes be sent. If you plan on placing a very large order (i.e., more than 10 pieces), please reach out to us with the list of pieces you intend on ordering so we can let you know if more than a tablespoon will be needed.

If you are worried that you do not have a tablespoon of your loved one's ashes, or if you are just not comfortable sending that amount for whatever reason, please feel free to contact us to discuss this. Depending on what piece or pieces you plan on ordering, we may be able to work with a smaller amount.

Additionally, we strongly suggest keeping a small amount of ashes stored away so that they are available should your piece ever need to be reset or replaced for any reason or, for rings, resized. If you do send us all of the ashes that you have, please be sure to let us know this so we are aware and can take extra precautions.

Any and all ashes that are not used in the setting process will be sent back alongside the finished jewelry. If you would like the ashes returned to an address different from the shipping address on the order, please be sure to let us know as soon as possible (additional shipping fees may apply). If you would like us to hold on to your loved one's ashes for future orders, we will only do so if we receive explicit instruction via email.

Unfortunately, it is not possible for our pieces to be set or "filled" either by funeral homes or at our clients' homes. This is because our pieces, unlike traditional urn jewelry, are not filled with dry ashes and then sealed; they are set using a patented process that relies on a high-grade jewelry resin to solidify the ashes and bond them directly to the metal of your chosen piece. Given this, the only way to receive a piece of jewelry from us is to be comfortable with sending the ashes into our studio.

We do ask that you place an order for your chosen jewelry before sending your loved one's ashes to us. This is to ensure that a physical order file is created prior to the ashes' arrival to serve as their home while they are with us. If you need to send your loved one's ashes to us prior to ordering for any reason, please reach out in advance to discuss this.

Not at all! Our prepaid kit is a convenient and secure option that eliminates the stress of figuring out how to ship your loved one's ashes, but it is by no means required. Further information about the kit is provided in the above "How to Order" section in Step 3.

If you place an order for a piece of jewelry and do not purchase a kit, instructions on how to ship your loved one's ashes directly to us will be provided in your detailed order confirmation (not the automated one you will receive immediately after ordering).

Unfortunately, international clients are not eligible to receive kits as our prepaid labels will not be accepted outside of the US. All of our international clients are required to send the ashes in to our studio directly for this reason. We encourage any international clients to look into shipping regulations and guidelines for their region before placing an order with us.

The turnaround time for any order varies depending on multiple factors, but is primarily based on 1) if we need to order the piece from our jeweler, and 2) when we receive the ashes.

We keep a small stock of all our sterling silver pendant designs and many of our sterling silver rings; if a piece we have in stock is ordered, the turnaround time would be 1-2 weeks from the date we receive the ashes.

If we need to order the piece from our jeweler, it can take anywhere from 3-8 weeks for us to receive it, depending on which specific piece it is. Most pieces take around 3-5 weeks to be cast and shipped to us, but any piece with precious stones (e.g., diamonds or sapphires) takes closer to 8 weeks. From there, it takes 1-2 weeks for the jewelry to be set and packaged for shipment.

Please note that if you order a ring, we will not order it from our jeweler or pair it with your order file unless you are sure of or have confirmed with us your ring size.

We are able to ship orders both domestically (within the United States) and internationally, barring any limitations or restrictions in place at the time by USPS. If you have concerns about the shipping of your order to a specific location, please contact us to discuss.

Jewelry Care

Our cremation jewelry is cast as a single piece from a mold to ensure maximum strength and durability so that you can wear it as often as you would like to. Please keep in mind, however, that it should still be cared for as you would any other piece of fine jewelry, and that the ashes setting itself requires certain precautions. The most important things to avoid are harsh chemicals, alcohol-based products, sharp or abrasive items, and prolonged exposure to extreme heat or direct sunlight. For more information on how to care for your cremation jewelry, please read our blog post Care and Cleaning for Resin Jewelry.

Fingers changing color due to poor quality metals is a common misconception and is not at all related to the material your piece was made from. This effect is also easily remedied and explained:

Before we send out pieces, we buff and polish them for shine, and then clean them so that they arrive in the best-looking state possible.

Sometimes, the agent that we use to buff and polish the pieces leaves residue that the cleaning does miss. We clean the pieces several times before sending them out but sometimes even that isn't enough to remove the residue that causes the reaction in your skin.

Fortunately, this is fixed by cleaning the ring with mild soap and water, up to a couple times if it doesn't work completely the first time. If you have tried cleaning your ring multiple times and it is still causing a reaction on your skin, please let me know as soon as possible and I will contact you with further instructions.

All silver does tarnish over time and does require cleaning and polishing to stave this off. We include a polishing pad and anti-tarnish bag with every order to keep your jewelry in to help with this as well. I have noticed that the more I wear my silver pieces, the less they tarnish as contact with your skin does act as a sort of polishing.

All of my pieces listed in Sterling Silver are cast from solid .925 Sterling Silver and can tarnish if left out, especially in moisture. If your piece tarnishes very rapidly after you receive it, this is not normal and should be noted. Please reach out right away if this happens as it could be an allergic reaction in your skin.


Because 14K White Gold comes from casting with a hint of yellow from its 14K Yellow Gold parent metal, Rhodium is often used to replace this with a high bluish-silver sheen. The cost of my pieces will reflect the addition of this metal. Additionally, brushing a finished 14K White Gold piece will remove the Rhodium Plating from it, so this service is not offered for my 14K White Gold pieces. Please reach out if you wish to omit plating for any reason or have more questions about this.

We are able to set ashes into several different kinds of pieces, so if you have a ring or pendant that you believe may be eligible, please reach out via email with photos of your intended jewelry.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to accept pre-existing precious metals for use in new casting for my items at this time. If you have any questions about this, please feel free to reach out.

I work with a jewelry designer who is able to help my clients create the perfect piece to honor their unique connection through use of a CAD design program. Combinations of existing designs or alterations to them will constitute as a custom commission as well. This process is slightly different than ordering a piece already listed in my shop, so please reach out with photos or a descritpion of your custom request via email to get started.


Should the setting of your jewelry ever become damaged or discolored, you are always welcome to send it back to us for restoration. Any setting-related repairs will always be provided free of charge under the Lifetime Warranty included with all our cremation pieces, we would only ask that you cover any shipping fees. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you ever need assistance with this.

There is a 30-day warranty for the metal portion or components of our cremation pieces, excluding sale items. Once 30 days has passed since the date of your piece's delivery, we will no longer cover the cost of any repairs to the metal or replacement chains, but are still able and happy to offer these services.

Please let me know as soon as you receive your piece that it does not fit you properly. Most of our rings are custom-cast in your size by a jeweler, and some are sized from existing designs, but neither can be altered once the first sizing is complete. If your ring arrives and does not fit you, you may need to pay for resizing services through my jeweler. To avoid this, and any risk to the ashes settings, it is best to be totally sure of your size before confirming. For more information, please see my ring sizing statement below:

I always recommend that my clients visit a jeweler to obtain an accurate ring size as this is the best way to ensure the perfect fit of your ring. Please avoid using online measurement methods, guides, or tools as these will almost always result in an ill-fitting ring.

If you have placed your order and are unsure of your size, please let us know within 24 hours to see if it can be changed. If we have indication that you are unsure or need to double-check your size, we will hold off on ordering or sizing your piece until we receive confirmation of your size. Some pieces require special sizing instructions as well, so be sure to see individual listings for this information or reach out with any questions.

A ring sizer is also included in the kit that I offer for shipping ashes. It is slightly less accurate, but please feel free to double-check your size if you opt for the kit.

If you have any questions or concerns with regards to the sizing of a ring purchased from me, please let me know.