Diamond Collection

Diamond Collection

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    Diamonds are everlasting, just like the connection you share. Our diamond cremation jewelry is handcrafted with the utmost care to create a lasting keepsake from a combination of 14K Gold and Champagne or White Diamonds. While my patented setting process for these pieces is the same as my other items, these pieces hold a special position as a sparkling tribute to the depth of your connection.

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    Types of Diamond Cremation Jewelry

     We offer a wide array of designs as it is important to us that you find something that not only aligns with your personal style but also represents your loved one and the connection you shared. This collection offers the versatility to choose just one item or create a set from different pieces, whatever strikes you as the best way to honor your best memories. Our Diamond collection includes ring, pendant, and earring designs that range from subtle and dainty to bold, statement pieces and everything in between.

    Diamond Cremation Necklaces

    With a cremation necklace, you can keep a piece of your loved one close to your heart every day. Our Diamond Halo necklaces surround the ashes of your loved one with armor made from the hardest substance on earth. Cluster Necklaces, by contrast, alternate ashes and diamonds to show the value of your connection - truly priceless.

    Diamond Cremation Rings

    Cremation rings act like a bow around your finger – a constant reminder of your loved one’s presence. Whether you select a cluster design like our Kite ring, or the channel design like our Oval Split Shank, diamonds clustered at either side of a setting draw the eyes towards its center, where all of the attention should rightfully be.

    Diamond Cremation Earrings

    Cremation earrings are a unique, tangible way of memorializing your loved one and always keeping a part of them with you. Our 14K Yellow Gold Diamond Ear Wires add these precious stones to our Dome Dangle style, adding an additional layer of elegance to any occasion where your loved one’s presence is missed.

    32 products
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