Pet Cremation Jewelry

At close by me jewelry, we offer subtle and unique pet cremation jewelry to memorialize those who leave lasting paw prints on your heart.

About Pet Cremation Jewelry

Walking through life without the unconditional love offered by our pets is not something anyone wants to face. Pet memorial jewelry allows you to bring your piece wherever your companion would want to pad alongside you when they are no longer able to. Wearing your jewelry may even offer the opportunity for new and exciting memories with your beloved pet or offer you the ability to bring them places they would never have experienced otherwise.

Our wide range of designs and styles offers our clients the opportunity to choose the perfect way to commemorate your furry family, and our knowledgeable and compassionate staff are here to help through each step of your order and beyond.

Filling Cremation Jewelry with Pet Ashes

Close by me jewelry’s patented process solidifies the ashes into your desired pet memorial jewelry to create a lasting but subtle reminder of their impact on your life. The ashes are entirely stationary and sealed within your pet cremation jewelry, so staying at home or taking your piece out to the trail with you will always be an option.

Pet Cremation Jewelry Options

From pendants that hang close to your heart to rings to hold dear and everything in between, our pet memorial jewelry keeps the sweet memories of your purest friend tangible. Accessorize with earrings or bracelets for special occasions, or find that daily pet cremation jewelry to comfort you the way your companion would want to if they could themselves. In addition to our standard line, which we will set with any ashes sent to us, we also offer pieces tailored towards pets: paw print pendants, bracelets, and rings; pendants in the shape of a cat silhouette or dog bone; and even a pendant with a bail shaped like a rabbit’s adorable ears, to name a few. Even if you decide on a piece outside of our pet-themed collection for your pet memorial jewelry, you can always add a paw or nose print engraving to give your piece that extra layer of intimacy and uniqueness.

How Do I Care For My Pet Cremation Jewelry?

Close by me’s pet memorial jewelry does come with special care instructions whether you have the cremains set into .925 Sterling Silver or 14K Gold. The settings in these pieces should be treated with the same care as a precious stone - avoiding harsh chemicals, high heat, and prolonged direct light above all - and your pieces should be treated with the same care you would any fine jewelry for longevity and beauty.

No matter what may come, close by me’s staff and owner, Gina Murphy, are here to help with any questions or concerns that may arise after you receive your pet cremation jewelry, so do not hesitate to let us know if there is something we can help with. We offer an extensive and generous manufacturer’s warranty on the metal portion of any piece, and a lifetime warranty will apply to any ashes setting as well. For the duration of your jewelry, close by me is here to keep it clear, bright, and beautiful, just like your companion in life. 

Why Choose Pet Memorial Jewelry From Close By Me

Close by me’s mission in the creation of our jewelry is singular - to preserve your most precious memories in a lasting piece that you can carry with you daily. Our belief is that connections never truly end, they just change as they continue, and our pet memorial jewelry seeks to grant this wish for our clients. We treat each order with the respect and care something this important deserves and know what this piece will represent to you - a continuation of your bond and a tangible reminder of that rare true love. In service of this, our dedicated customer service staff is here to communicate with our clients at each and every step of the way and respond to concerns throughout the business day.

Additionally, we offer our clients the ability to communicate with our owner directly via email, over the phone or even in person about their pet cremation jewelry, to give our clients the peace of mind that we believe is required for something of this magnitude. Any life that touches our client’s, big or small, furry or not, is meaningful beyond words, and our pet memorial jewelry seeks to do nothing but exemplify that. It is our privilege to create pet cremation jewelry for our clients, and we are humbled by each and every order that we receive.