Bilateral Cremation Necklace in 14K White Gold

Solidified cremains set in this unique and subtle two-sided Bilateral 14K White Gold (approx.) 8mm Circular Necklace. This piece features a unique orientation that allows one or more sets of ashes to hug the metal portion in the center, so the settings are facing to the left and right. It comes with a Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver Chain that is adjustable between 16" and 18", but if you are interested in a matching 14K Gold Chain, please reach out for further information.

This piece can accommodate the engraving of initials engraved vertically down its surface. Please note that there is an increased wait time for any item with multiple settings as each side must cure separately.

There is a matching pair of earrings for this item that can be viewed at the following link:

Each piece is set by me in my office, located in Southern California. Within three days of your order, you will receive an order confirmation with specific instructions for the best way to get the ashes to me. If you have any other questions or concerns, please visit my FAQs page by following the link below, or email me

Thank you for your interest in my ashes jewelry.


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