Rhodium Plating

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Rhodium Plating

Rhodium Plating

Purchase this listing to Rhodium Plate any item.

Please note that all silver does tarnish over time and does require cleaning and polishing to stave this off. I do include with every order a polishing pad and anti-tarnish bag to keep your jewelry in to help with this as well. I have noticed that the more I wear my silver pieces, the less they tarnish as contact with your skin does act as a sort of polishing. All of my white gold pieces are rhodium plated to give them that high bluish-silver shine that they have in the photos. White Gold naturally has a more yellowish cast to it which is not as desirable, please see the product picture in the gallery for reference. So the visible color of the white gold pieces is actually rhodium, which can be added to any piece for an additional cost, but is not permanent. It does last a very long time, even with every day wear, but will eventually rub off to reveal the color below. In addition, white gold is a slightly softer metal than sterling silver and is more prone to bending. Not to say that it is a weak metal by any means, but the odds of it bending are a little higher than sterling silver.

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