Untangling Jewelry Chains

If you've ever owned a necklace or a bracelet then you probably understand the frustrating and often seemingly impossible tangled chains that can occur. Not only is this quite aggravating, but if the chain is attached to something special it can also be emotionally taxing.   

At Close By Me, we understand the struggle that sometimes accompanies chains. In order to keep your chain tangle-free so you can keep your loved one close, we have compiled a few tips and tricks for you:

Tip One: If you have one or two chains that are lightly tangled, or at risk of becoming tangled, it can help to run your fingers through the middle of the two of them. This helps separate the chains and prevent a serious tangle from occurring. This tip is a preventative measure, or for very simple tangles. 

Tip Two: If you have a tangle that is quite difficult, it can be helpful to put your chain on a flat, smooth surface, and use a utensil such as a toothpick to sort between separate tangles. This makes it easier to work on just one tangle at a time, and usually before you know it they are all coming undone! 

Tip Three: Opening up the clasps can be extremely helpful for tangles. Just open up the clasp and bring one side through the tangle, if there is a loop. This should allow the tangle to come free. 

Tip Four: If you are working with gold or silver chains, it can be intimidating to know what is safe for your jewelry and what is not. Coconut oil is a good, non-damaging lubricant that can be used to free tangles and knots. Just use a small amount over the tangle! 

Utilizing all of these tips and tricks, your chains should be tangle free in no time. The less tangles in your chains, the more that the pendants and memories attached to those pendants can be as close to you as possible.