Handling Valentine's Day Without Your Loved One

Whether or not you believe Valentine's Day to be a contentious celebration or not, it is certainly a fact that not everyone wishes to celebrate it in the same way. This is especially true for those who may be missing their special someone, their soul mate or partner, or even a close friend or family member. A day solely dedicated to love is not always easy to celebrate when the person or companion you love most is not by your side, but this does not mean that Valentine's Day should be something to dread. While others are counting down, remind yourself that their way does not need to be yours. If you are not looking forward to Valentine's Day this year, try to by using the following tips to ease your own beautiful heart:


Be Your Own Valentine

Make the most of the day with an abundance of self-love. Tune in to your mind and body and listen to what your needs at this time are. It could be a day of rest and relaxation, or a day of your favorite activities. Treat yourself to a delicious meal, or buy yourself that thing you've had your eye on for a while. Make the day about you and showing yourself the love we often forget to give ourselves. Make sure to smile, smile, smile, fill your heart with love and repeat those self affirmations that make you remember just how important you are to you. 


Show Love to Strangers

Volunteer for a charity or organization. You could pick one that you support, one that your loved one would have supported, or just one that needs help. Alternatively, you could set out to do 5 acts of kindness throughout the day. Make the day about having a positive impact on people and putting love into the world. Love can be shared with all, especially when those we truly wish to shower with it are departed.


Honor Your Loved One

Make the day about honoring your loved one's memory. You can do this in a variety of ways: Go to their favorite spot, cook their favorite meal, play their favorite music, light a candle for them, or write a letter to them in your journal. You could even plan a "date" for yourself in their honor; keeping your loved one at the forefront of Valentine's Day may not be easy or appropriate, but if they are on your mind regardless then honoring them may help to ease missing them.


Let Others Choose

Tell your child, sibling, parent, friend, or someone else close to you that you'll spend the day doing anything they want together (as long as it's affordable and realistic). This is a great opportunity to not only distract yourself, but bring a smile to someone else's face, and someone you care about as well. Add another layer to this by including someone who also knows your loved one, they are sure to bring insights, stories, and smiles to any day without someone close.


Ignore The Day

Pretend it's just another day and go about business as usual. Stick to your normal daily routine but do your best to avoid places and activities that will contain reminders of the holiday, such as stores, radio, and television commercials. If someone wishes you a "Happy Valentine's Day", you can respond with a simple "thank you" to avoid saying the words. Go to bed early to fast forward to the next day. Sometimes, all we need is a little rest and time to recenter ourselves. Do not think of this as neglectful, think of it as careful - a way to remind yourself that your needs are just as important as other's and should be honored in a similar way. Never feel guilty for taking time for yourself, it is what our loved ones would have wanted anyway. 


However you decide to celebrate this day where love looms large - please remember one thing: Though they have left you, love can never die. Each passing moment that you are not together and still in pain is only a testament to the deep connection between you and those you may be missing. Embrace that pain and remember that the sadness or loneliness you may feel is only a reflection of the love you share - forever and always.


The close by me jewelry Team