All dogs go to heaven

My clients and their loved ones are some of the most amazing people and pets in the world. I am always touched to hear their stories before, during, and after the creation of their pieces. Here is what Amanda said about her ring, which she purchased to remember her beloved dog, Miles:

"Shortly after Miles passed away I commissioned @closebymejewelry to make me a ring out of his ashes. It arrived in the mail today and I could not be happier. Ashes vary in color and are as unique as finger (or paw) prints so this stunning design is one of a kind, just like my boy. Now he can continue to be with me throughout all of life's adventures. #loveyouforever #alwayswithme #alldogsgotoheaven"

Thank you so much, Amanda, for allowing me this special privilege. You and Miles are forever in my heart.