Resource: Refuge in Grief

We live in a world where death is a taboo subject. Although the subject of mortality may seem misplaced in life, the stigma surrounding it only serves to hurt those who seek support after a loss. The painful intricacies of life after losing someone you love cannot always be answered by commonplace sayings and self-help books. These well-intentioned solutions make grief seem as if it is a sickness to be cured from; an obstacle to overcome. Megan Devine, a psychotherapist and author, understands this.


Megan lost her husband unexpectedly. After finding her entire understanding of life to be upended, she found the world of grief to be dismal. After struggling to find the support that she needed, she decided to create for others what she wished she had. What came of this is a raw and unfettered dive into life after loss; using her previous education and professional experience, Megan sought to create a space where grief is seen for what it is. 


On her website, there are a variety of unique resources, including a 30-day online course and community called “Writing Your Grief” in which you are given the opportunity to explore and express your grief through daily writing prompts that you have the option of sharing with your fellow course members; an audio book that delivers empathy, validation, and concrete, practical advice; and a blog that examines grief and loss from various perspectives and sheds light on the current challenges those who are grieving face in today's society. 


If you or someone you know is grieving and in need of support, take a look at Megan’s website for resources and an unmitigated perspective on life after loss.