Offering support for someone who has lost a loved one can seem daunting. Grief is complex and nonlinear, and it can be difficult to try and express sympathy through material items. Sometimes the right words cannot be found; this is when stories and memories of loved ones become so paramount in the process of remembrance and healing.


RememberGrams was created to solve this problem. Combining a highly personalized gift with the immaterial joy that memories and stories bring, RememberGrams provides a unique gifting opportunity for those who are doing their best to support individuals in the grieving process.


One of the most exceptional aspects of RememberGrams is that their gifts can be given at any time after a loved one has passed away. Given the nature of grief, continual support and comfort is a beautiful thing to receive. With RememberGrams, there is no timeframe for sending reminders of memories and shared love. Sometimes it is after all of the flowers have been thrown out, the cards put away, and life has continued that grieving families need the most support. A RememberGram is a gift that is specifically curated for the family of the loved one, meant to be given and received at any stage. RememberGrams also offers a package of specially selected memories that will be sent to the family every month for a year.


After losing her mother and youngest brother unexpectedly, the founder of RememberGrams, Amanda, discovered what was truly comforting in her time of grief and healing. Although the sympathy cards and flowers were appreciated, she found that stories and photos provided a beautiful comfort to her. Now, Amanda shares this comfort through the creation of RememberGrams. If you would like to know more about RememberGrams and their services, please visit: