Pet Ashes to Paintings

Pets hold a very special place in our lives. Cherished companions who bring us endless joy and love, they somehow manage to color even the darkest chapters of our lives with light and warmth, constantly reminding us that the bond we have formed with them is as sacred to them as it is to us. There is, of course, one painful caveat that comes with experiencing such a pure, unparalleled love: Our time with them is always too short. The passing of a beloved pet can be a deeply emotional experience – often more so than we could have ever anticipated or prepared for – and the void they leave is difficult to fill and impossible to ever truly replace.

We are both excited and proud to share about artist Edgar Toh, who creates extraordinary paintings that actually incorporate your pet’s ashes and feature their favorite toys or treasured items as the subject matter. By merging ashes with an artistic representation of sentimental items, Edgar provides a profound way to encapsulate the memory of a departed pet. The following article was created from direct conversations we had the privilege of having with him, and we hope it provides valuable insight into this unique artist and his work.


A vibrant, colorful oil painting of a female ballet dancer in the middle of a cambré back position en pointe. An oil painting by Edgar Toh of a variety of locks, some of which are heart-shaped or have two people's initials etched on them, attached to a pole on a bridge.


About the Artist

Edgar Toh was always drawn to artistic expression, creating cards and drawings for friends and family from a young age. However, it was during a period of homebound isolation following a severe leg injury that he truly uncovered his artistic drive and purpose. "I spent my time rediscovering my love for drawing and painting, and then began to express ideas, feelings, and emotions through them. I think that is when I started to create art. Now what inspires me to create art is to evoke emotions, memories, or feelings from the places I’ve travelled and the symbols or artifacts that bring back those emotions. To tell a story that everyone can relate to, either from their past or a wish for the future."

Edgar views art as an expression of the self, a medium through which to convey the parts of ourselves that words are not equipped to. "Sometimes I feel like I just can’t articulate how much something means to me or how strongly I feel about something unless I create an image.” This rings especially true for grief, which can seem impossible to communicate through words.


A memorial painting by Edgar Toh of a shelf filled with his dog's favorite toys.


Pet Memorial Paintings

Adding ashes to art allows you to hold the ones you love preserved in paint forever, and this has turned out to be a significant calling for Edgar. After losing his two beloved dogs -- Swoops and Malone -- within a short period of each other, Edgar was forced to adjust to a devastating and lonely new normal. Their infectious happiness and unwavering companionship throughout many of life's challenges never failed to give Edgar the strength and purpose he needed to keep moving forward, and following their loss, Edgar found solace in the relics of their connection. These relics include toys, blankets, and other mementos that had belonged to them that remind Edgar of the many years they spent together. Painting these cherished and sentimental items is healing to Edgar, and adding ashes to the paintings "is so meaningful because that means in some way they are always with you, but without making it so obvious to everyone else".

The physical creation of the memorial painting involves an entirely unique paint made by combining a small portion of your pet's ashes with high-quality pigments. Edgar then uses this custom-made paint to skillfully recreate your pet's favorite toys, blankets, or any other items they held dear on the canvas. The result is a truly one-of-a-kind artwork that not only visually represents your pet but also carries the emotional weight of their presence.

Edgar enjoys incorporating layers of meaning into his paintings, so that a finished work "can stand on its own but if one digs deep into the narrative, people can find a hidden message in them". His creative process involves both inquiry and inspiration, ensuring that a commissioned painting is an accurate and multifaceted representation of the special companion whose ashes it is imbued with. The paintings are more than just a beautiful piece of art; they are a tangible symbol of the deep love, trust, and devotion that only non-human companions can provide.

Contact the Artist

If you would like to contact Edgar Toh to discuss a commissioned art piece, please reach out to him directly, either by call or text at (949) 244-0654 or send him an email at