Our Process

At Close By Me Jewelry, we work with our clients through a very significant stage of grief. It is important that our clients know us and trust us even though they may be thousands of miles away. So we wanted to show you how we work with you every step of the way.

When you find the piece you want in our store and place an order, an email comes to us. We then respond with a confirmation email, during regular business hours, which contains more specific information about the process and how to get the ashes to us. If you ask a question through our contact form, that email comes to our Customer Service Representative and Office Manager, Brit, who will respond personally to you.

After we receive your order, we have your piece cast by one of our suppliers to your size and specifications. Once casting is complete, the piece is sent to or retrieved by us to begin the process of setting your loved one's ashes.

Once we receive the ashes,  they are placed into a file labeled with the name on the order, the name of your loved one, and any other relevant notes. Gina begins processing the ashes usually within days of receiving them: the cremated remains are solidified into what is best described as a stone. The color of the finished piece is always unique and no two are the same (like a fingerprint – it all depends on the color of the cremains). Gina's proprietary solution hardens the ashes and enhances the color, giving it a wet appearance, under which a unique design is created by Gina to give your piece a one-of-a-kind final presentation.

After your piece is created, it is buffed, polished, and cleaned. We send it to you within 2-8 weeks from the date your order is placed.

We encourage all of our clients to contact us with feedback related to the presentation or delivery of their pieces. As our client's comfort and satisfaction are our highest priority, we are committed to taking in this feedback and applying it to our business is a productive way. We are always thankful for any information our clients are willing to share with us with relation to their order or their experience with our customer support.

Overall, we are grateful for each and every opportunity we have to help our clients through this sensitive time. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Thank you,

Gina, Brit, Milenna, & Nancy