"I love you to the moon and back"

Isabella was one of the first client's that commissioned a custom piece from me. She, I, and one of my jewelers worked together on the creation of this very special Crescent Moon Pendant, which I still carry in my shop today.

After receiving her pieces, which were ordered for herself and her two daughters by her mother, she had this to say:

"If there is one phrase that has stuck with Arianna that her dad always said, it's 'I love you to the moon & back!' So thankful for her awesome grandma for buying these and for @closebymejewelry for making my vision come true by designing these beautiful custom necklaces for both my girls with his ashes in it. I know I feel much closer to him when I wear mine and am so grateful that they can share the same comfort. For now, she thinks it's a 'gift sent down from heaven' until she's old enough to understand. She absolutely loves wearing it! She says 'this keeps me close to daddy!' <3 #closebymejewelry #weareblessed"

I cannot thank you enough, Isabella, for your touching words. The courage to share your story and the love you have shown your daughters is astounding, and I am so honored to have been a part of creating a unique piece that honors your and their everlasting connection with their father.

Thank you, truly.