Advocate Spotlight - doTERRA & Sue Ann Grann

I am reminded daily of the amazing opportunity that I have to speak with so many wonderful, amazing, and powerful people in the form of my clients. All of them have experienced a loss, but not only that, a loss that has forever changed the course of their lives, just as their loved one did in life. All of my clients are so very special to me, I would not be able to do what I do without them and their connections, after all, but occasionally I meet someone who shares a passion that I do; helping others through difficult times by using their own inner strength. Recently, a wonderful woman named Sue Ann Grann ordered from me, and I was introduced to her passion. When on the phone and texting with her, I could sense that she had a similar calling to me, and a dedication to helping others find peace when they are going through a difficult or traumatic event. She came across to me as a intelligent, motivated, and very deeply caring person, and that really stood out to me. Rather than tell you about it myself, I asked Sue Ann to write me a little bit about her journey and everything that brought her to where she is now. 

"I thought this might help your friend understand a little bit about who I am and why I do what I do and how I came to help people deal with grief....

I started building DoTERRA because it was a divine appointment! After a seven-year health battle, we almost lost one of our triplet boys. I remember that cold night on a cot in Children’s Hospital, begging God... If He let me keep my son, I would devote my life to “advocating” for other moms. I was starting to learn how to use food as medicine & reducing toxic things in our home but I felt I was missing that LAST puzzle piece of natural health care options...Little did I know then it was essential oils—but not just any brand—the only brand that is considered natural medicine...

A friend invited me to a doTERRA class and I knew that evening, it was everything I was searching for. When I heard that Doterra educators were called “Wellness Advocates,” I got goose bumps! And I heard God say “THIS is your missing puzzle piece. THIS is your calling.”

I help all types of families re-claim power in their healthcare through natural solutions. I teach them how to use the only certified pure therapeutic grade oil‘s in the world as a replacement to synthetic and toxic things in their healthcare, personal care and cleaning.

And I help women find their voices & discover their potential by joining me on my mission to get these pure oils in the hands of people in every home & every health care facility around the world. This mission isn’t just helping families become financially independent and find the time freedom that they have been searching for, but they are helping growers and their families around the globe to live their best lives too. doTERRA only sources from areas around the world where these oils have grown indigenous for generations... small, sustainable farms – – usually only 5 to 15 acres in size. I have had the pleasure of going to many of our fields and meeting many of our farmers from Corvallis, OR and Kona, HI to Kenya & Bulgaria.

Healthcare is so personal and so intimate and I feel so incredibly blessed to play the role of Advocate helping people on their journey.

Throughout the years, one of the biggest issues many customers have faced is grieving the loss of a loved one. It is during this time that I am able to partner with them to gently remind them what they can do to care for themselves emotionally and physically. When people are under a great deal of stress, they don’t need to turn to something synthetic to numb the pain or weaken their immune systems. They need to remember to rely on these natural gifts of the earth to help them get a better night’s sleep, cope with a gamut of emotions & respond to the various physical aches, pains & discomfort that occur during the process."

It has been my privilege and honor to work with Sue Ann on a piece in memory of her two dogs, Gabby and Marley, but I am blown away by how kind and open she was during the process as well. Sue Ann has a gift in sensing when others are feeling far from their best, and has dedicated her life to helping them get back on track using natural methods, and I greatly respect the path that she has been set on and continues to walk. 

Thank you, Sue Anne, for allowing me this privilege. I hope you have the opportunity to touch many other lives in the positive ways you have outlined above. Here is a link to her website: