Eterneva: Diamonds from Ashes


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Isn’t it strange how talking to someone who is grieving can be an awkward situation where we don’t know what to say, how to say it, etc? This results in so many of us staying quiet to try and avoid saying or doing the wrong thing. But the fact is, more than 57% of Americans are dealing with the loss of someone close to them within the last 3 years. That’s too many people to ignore and too many loved ones that need remembering.

There’s no instruction manual for dealing with grief, but it’s a conversation that we all need to be more comfortable with. We should try to make room for grief in our lives to remember and honor those who continue to mean so much to us even when they’re no longer with us. 

One way to navigate grief is the way we lay our loved ones to rest. For so long, it’s been a tradition to bury and move on with the memory. This can cause a disconnect throughout the years; but today, there are many different ways and new ideas that have come up. Let’s be honest, there’s not a right way to remember those we’ve lost. Each journey is going to be unique to you and your relationship. Good, bad, or indifferent, everything that makes up your relationship is going to have little individual impact on the way you grieve and the way you remember. 

One such company that is looking to change this and the way we remember is Eterneva. With a focus on bringing brightness and healing to death and grief, Eterneva creates memorial diamonds from ashes that celebrate remarkable people and pets. Through their process, they create something that is forever to help celebrate your loved one for years to come.

This new way of remembering helps open the conversation about grief by putting a bright and beautiful memorial front and center. These cremation diamonds allow us to focus on those who lived remarkably and give us all something positive to focus our attention on. In turn, helping others understand which questions to ask:

  • Who was your loved one?
  • What was so remarkable about them?
  • How does a diamond help you honor them?

The journey you take when creating your memorial diamond is also a wonderful experience for your own grief. With each milestone and update, the process can begin to help you change your relationship with your grief, as well as give your friends and family additional opportunities to be a part of it. From the moment you send in your ashes to your loved one returning home, it’s a journey that you get to share with friends and family who are often able to better help and support you as you share these small, meaningful moments of light in a dark chapter.

No one wants the ones we loved the most to be forgotten. Eterneva diamonds are more than a memorial product, they’re a way for us to move forward with our loved ones by our side.

Head over to Eterneva today and talk to an expert to learn more about the process and if a memorial diamond is right for you.